Better Supplements

Ever since we started "living" a healthy lifestyle. Let me share with you some of the natural/homeopathic supplements that help us improve our immune system.

Immune System Booster
Ilog Maria Bee Propolis
We take this daily.
Great for coughs, colds, allergies, fever, asthma, influenza and rheumatism.

Adults: take one full dropper or 1 ml or 25 drops of Ilog Maria Bee Propolis mix with honey, juice, milk or water on an empty stomach before breakfast(we take this straight since we can tolerate the sourly taste).

Children above 1 year old: take one full dropper or 1 ml or 25 drops Ilog Maria Bee Propolis mix with honey, juice, milk or water on an empty stomach before breakfast.

Children below 1 year old: take one-fourth to one-half full dropper or 1/4 to 1/2 ml or 6 to 12 drops Ilog Maria Bee Propolis mix with honey, juice, milk or water on an empty stomach before breakfast. It will be prudent to start with a low dose; increase as the baby's body becomes accustomed to it.

You can download the full information here.

Scratchy throat? Fight the first sign of cough with
Ilog Maria Propolis Throat Spray
This throat spray prevents colds and coughs, even fever/flu.
I personally tried and it worked! Soothes sore throat. Excellent for "singaw" and freshens breath too.

Spray twice on tonsils at first sign of cough or cold.

DS' Daily Vitamins
Animal Parade Multivitamin
To stay healthy, his homeopathic pedia prescribed this multivitamin. It's more suitable for our little ones tiny physique. We got it from Healthy Options.

1 ml daily

Child Life Flaxseed Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids
After months of trial and error, this is by far the best supplement his pedia prescribed for DS' dry skin on arms and legs(eczema). Plus good for the heart and brain development.

He takes 5ml daily

Bio Bita Probiotic Granules
This helps boost his appetite, immune system and promotes good digestion too. We purchased it from the pedia's clinic.

1 scoop in his milk daily for 3 to 6 months

Soothing Balm
Vapor Soove Rub
This is really effective for stuffy noses and coughs. Since DS has very sensitive skin, we apply a small amount on a tissue paper (then fold it) and place it inside his shirt at the back side where he can't reach for it. I like this cause it doesn't contain Camphor. I am assured that my baby is safe. This is suitable for babies 6 months and above. Purchased it at Baby & Beyond along P.Guevarra, San Juan. Also available at Momtrepreneur in Shangri-La Plaza.