Basil Thai Restaurant

took this from my instagram
DH recently went on a business trip in Bangkok. I feel like it's been so long since I was there. It's been almost three (3) years already :( Thinking about it makes me miss the thai food badly :(

What a perfect timing! I just recently discovered a newly opened Thai restaurant here in Manila through MFO on her instagram. Her food posts looked so delish! So as soon as DH got back from his trip that weekend. We've decided to try it. Yey!!
Basil's facade
Thai decorative elements around the place
I like the oversized planter :)
I think we ordered too much for (technically) three persons. I got too excited when we're deciding which ones to order. Everything looked so delish!
Milky Thai ice tea! :)
Fresh Spring Roll!
 I love the basil and mint surprise in every bite :)
Tom Kai Bai Ma Soup
Chicken Creamy Soup with Young Tamarind Leaves
DH liked the milkiness and sourness of this soup and it's not spicy :)
Prawns wrapped in noodles
so so for us. nothing great and i think they served us re-cooked  :/
Beef satay!
One of my fave! tender and juicy :) I ate 4 sticks. lol
Phad Thai -- 2 thumbs up!
not your ordinary phad thai but this one is good!
Bagoong (shrimp paste) Rice -- YUMMY!
We love the crunchy fried dried shrimp with it :)
Mango Sticky Rice! YUM!
Lovely presentation :)
Overall Basil is a good authentic Thai restaurant. It's good to know that I don't have to fly to Bangkok to eat just to experience authentic Thai food. I highly recommend their Phad Thai, Bagoong Rice, Beef Satay and Mango Sticky Rice. We'll definitely go back there soon! Just looking at these photos makes me want to dine there now! ;) Oh DH....

Basil Thai Restaurant
Katipunan Avenue corner White Plains Avenue, QC (across White Plains Subd sign)


Summer Fun!

colorful mix
Officially the summer has ended, but first allow me to share with you some of the things we've done with our little one this summer.
S's new hair style -- mohawk! ;)
S's summer look!
S's new faces -- pa-cute & blue steel! ;o
some of S's summer activities! :>
more quality time with dada & mum ;)
more time with family as well ;)
S started co-sleeping ....bzzzz.... ;)
A natural -- camera vain! lol ;>
he checks his photos after every shots.haha
Working hard :) 2 thumbs up!
S's helping daddy unloading some fabrics during the Thai Trade Fare
05-25, Dusit Thani Hotel 
S is self-feeding at 1.6 years old :)
S with Uncle Kendrick
04-08, Antonio's Tagaytay
This year's summer was truly extra special and a memorable one. I can't wait for the next summers to come :))


Baby Jane's 1st bazaar!

Image courtesy of modern parents messy kids
S has been attending Kindermusik classes with Teacher Jeannie since he was five and a half (5-1/2) months old.
he loves being there :) it's his big playground!
ever since S has been wearing baby jane's shoes :)
This year in celebration of their 10th year, they've organized a music festival for their beloved students. Since Teacher J and Teacher M knew about my small business/hobby, I was privileged enough to join and set-up a booth for my handmade booties ;)

Okay! After giving my confirmation, first I need stocks. Second, I need models for the shoes for the printed backdrop. And third, the look or design of the booth. Luckily, I had a month (enough) to accomplish everything. Whew!

My accomplishments...
1.  Stocks -- check!
some of the cute booties :)
2.  Models -- check!
top-bottom: Matty, Sachi and Santi (of course!)
3. Booth -- check!
Baby Jane's booth
the iplay swim pants are consignment from the eco baby boutique
display fabric letters and triangular fabric garland are made by yours truly :)
The backdrop...
Love it!!!
the venue was jam-packed! it was a successful event :)
S had a great time :)
top photo was just 1/3 of the event hall
Behind the scenes...
dashing matty was well-behaved :) after almost an hour and a half of photo taking, he was knocked down already. hehe
Thanks so much, Celine! :) 
strike a pose! adorable!!
merienda time in between the shoot ;p
Thanks so much, Cands and Dom!
S was well-behaved for 5 minutes but after that this keeps happening (right photo) he just can't sit still :/
good thing Jeri was able to get nice shots pa ;p
Overall it was a great experience I must say! Worth all the hard work.
'Til my next bazaar :)

Photo shoots' photos are taken by my cousin, Jeri.
Contact details:
Reality Box
Jeri Ahana 0917-8545374


Things I love...

I love this photo!
hope i'll look as stunning as her in a few months later ;)
Photo courtesy of side by side
Here are some of the things I love and own, and others that I wish to own...

1 H&M x Marni Tribal Maxi Dress I like wearing one-piece clothing so I don't have to think much for my whole (top and bottom) ensemble. Plus more room for my growing belly. 2 Layers of Torquoise Necklace always bring a zhush* to a plain or basic outfits. 3 Zara Patent Leather Flats I'm a sucker for flats. Sleek-Stylish-Comfy and it's a steal! 4 OPI 'My Chihuahua Bites' Nail Polish (purchased it partly because of the name- reminds me of my kiwi) I got this since last year but currently it's one of my faves. A perfect reddish-orangey. I love using them on my pedi! 5 Butter London 'Teddy Girl' Nail Polish this was a gift from my dear friend, Lanee. (Thanks dear! ;)) I love the shade of this pink. Looks yummy on my mani. Makes me wanna eat them! ;) 6 Scramble with Friends app i'm addicted to this game lately. So is DH! Try it and see for yourself.  7 Celine Camel Tote back to basic. Always reliable on my daily use and ensemble. Roomy and easy to get things whenever i'm in a hurry.

zhush or joosh

zhush (ĵ as in the French je + “oosh”) is a word whose usage dates as far back as 1968 in Britain. Its spelling, much like its origin, is elusive. It has been defined by the American Dialect Society (who placed it on their 2003 Word of the Year List) as a verb to mean “primp or fluff up”. Today, it appears in the pop lingo of certain queer makeover shows to mean “making something striking or flamboyant”. Either way, OUTwrites’ début collection zhushes up the LGBTI community of Toronto through its chorus of eight distinct voices. 

Memory Lane

To all craft lovers out there like me, I want to share with you one of my favorite local craft stores I go to called Memory Lane Store.

It's a home-based store and you wouldn't imagine that there's a such place in the middle of the metropolis. You can browse and order through online but it feels like "craft" heaven whenever i'm there. Lol. Best to go there personally cause some of the items are not in their website. It's owned by Helen Chua. Her daughter helps her run the shop. They're very 
accommodating and friendly. 

You'll see racks and layers of sweet and nice things...
See what I mean...?! ;)
I'm so amazed with their wide range of products. They carry brands like Martha Stewart, Cricut, Silhouette, Cuttle bug, EK Success, and many more. Most of a crafter needs I'm pretty sure you'll find it there. From punchers, special scissors, ribbons, stickers, die-cut machines, rubber stamps, stamp pads, cardstock papers, cutters, glue dots, craft magazine and books, down to the decorative pins -- they have it.

An hour was the shortest time I've spent whenever i'm there. So be sure you have plenty of time to spare especially on your first visit there.

Rack of rubber stamps only. You'll surely go gaga...LOL
Don't you just love the sight of this?! Hayy.... :>
I love Martha Stewart's punchers! they're all so cute!!!
Loads of emboss and die cut cartridges. DROOL...
Array of Cricut cartridges. I want them all please!! :)
How I wish I could take everything home. haha!
The good news is they accept major credit cards for those who didn't bring enough cash with them. But better to pay in cash for a discount. Happy shopping crafters! ;)

Memory Lane Store
99 A. Lake St. 
corner Aurora Blvd and Lagmay St. 
Brgy Balong-Bato, San Juan 
721.1149 / 964.6897 / 724.9417
0917.8356172 / 0922.8109234


Jackie's baby shower

Wow! It's almost four months since I last wrote in my blog. Where did the time go? :o

Juggling my daily chores, I was busy with a lot of things -- a wife, a mom to S, a daughter, an interior designer and an entrepreneur. Oh and also, I would like to share with you a wonderful great news! I'm soon to be mom again to our second child ;) I'm currently on my 18th week (we're truly blessed with this wonderful gift). No wonder time flies.lol ;)

A few months back, I was privileged and in the mood for organizing and decorating baby showers. In this post, let me share with you another baby shower of one of our dear friends, Jackie! This is her third child and she's having a baby boy so I thought everything should be in shades of blue.

My inspiration...

The invite...
I downloaded the Red Stamp diy card app from here using my iphone. what's great about it it's FREE! ;)  
Now let the fun begin...
the set up at the venue
The pom-poms are made of japanese lanterns and japanese papers. For the tutorial, you can check it here.
Here's a super easy DIY for the circle garlands.
cutout circles using round puncher in different sizes and sew them right away.
random distances between each circle for natural effect.
set up details
all frames I got them from National Bookstore. Decorative prints and cutouts are made by yours truly :)
The menu...

blue velvet cupcakes are from Dolcelli's Cakes while the macaroons are from Aubergine (special order by Jackie)
appetizer, main course and other dessert are from Nomama
Jackie's Family...
clockwise Jackie, Kiko, Barnaby and Yammy :)
Game and Gift Giving...
everyone was so into the Bingo game!! the bingo cards are made by yours truly ;)

Jackie gave birth last March 29, 2012 weighing 7.6 lbs. I'm not sure who guessed the right birthing date. But i'm sure they'll get a nice prize :)

Meet my very adorable godson, baby Xiandrei! Welcome to the world ;)
hugs and kisses! ;)
photo c/o Jackie
I would like to thank Jeremy for helping me organize this event and for the photos (mostly i got from her). Thanks thanks, Je! Hugs :)