Jackie's baby shower

Wow! It's almost four months since I last wrote in my blog. Where did the time go? :o

Juggling my daily chores, I was busy with a lot of things -- a wife, a mom to S, a daughter, an interior designer and an entrepreneur. Oh and also, I would like to share with you a wonderful great news! I'm soon to be mom again to our second child ;) I'm currently on my 18th week (we're truly blessed with this wonderful gift). No wonder time flies.lol ;)

A few months back, I was privileged and in the mood for organizing and decorating baby showers. In this post, let me share with you another baby shower of one of our dear friends, Jackie! This is her third child and she's having a baby boy so I thought everything should be in shades of blue.

My inspiration...

The invite...
I downloaded the Red Stamp diy card app from here using my iphone. what's great about it it's FREE! ;)  
Now let the fun begin...
the set up at the venue
The pom-poms are made of japanese lanterns and japanese papers. For the tutorial, you can check it here.
Here's a super easy DIY for the circle garlands.
cutout circles using round puncher in different sizes and sew them right away.
random distances between each circle for natural effect.
set up details
all frames I got them from National Bookstore. Decorative prints and cutouts are made by yours truly :)
The menu...

blue velvet cupcakes are from Dolcelli's Cakes while the macaroons are from Aubergine (special order by Jackie)
appetizer, main course and other dessert are from Nomama
Jackie's Family...
clockwise Jackie, Kiko, Barnaby and Yammy :)
Game and Gift Giving...
everyone was so into the Bingo game!! the bingo cards are made by yours truly ;)

Jackie gave birth last March 29, 2012 weighing 7.6 lbs. I'm not sure who guessed the right birthing date. But i'm sure they'll get a nice prize :)

Meet my very adorable godson, baby Xiandrei! Welcome to the world ;)
hugs and kisses! ;)
photo c/o Jackie
I would like to thank Jeremy for helping me organize this event and for the photos (mostly i got from her). Thanks thanks, Je! Hugs :)

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