Basil Thai Restaurant

took this from my instagram
DH recently went on a business trip in Bangkok. I feel like it's been so long since I was there. It's been almost three (3) years already :( Thinking about it makes me miss the thai food badly :(

What a perfect timing! I just recently discovered a newly opened Thai restaurant here in Manila through MFO on her instagram. Her food posts looked so delish! So as soon as DH got back from his trip that weekend. We've decided to try it. Yey!!
Basil's facade
Thai decorative elements around the place
I like the oversized planter :)
I think we ordered too much for (technically) three persons. I got too excited when we're deciding which ones to order. Everything looked so delish!
Milky Thai ice tea! :)
Fresh Spring Roll!
 I love the basil and mint surprise in every bite :)
Tom Kai Bai Ma Soup
Chicken Creamy Soup with Young Tamarind Leaves
DH liked the milkiness and sourness of this soup and it's not spicy :)
Prawns wrapped in noodles
so so for us. nothing great and i think they served us re-cooked  :/
Beef satay!
One of my fave! tender and juicy :) I ate 4 sticks. lol
Phad Thai -- 2 thumbs up!
not your ordinary phad thai but this one is good!
Bagoong (shrimp paste) Rice -- YUMMY!
We love the crunchy fried dried shrimp with it :)
Mango Sticky Rice! YUM!
Lovely presentation :)
Overall Basil is a good authentic Thai restaurant. It's good to know that I don't have to fly to Bangkok to eat just to experience authentic Thai food. I highly recommend their Phad Thai, Bagoong Rice, Beef Satay and Mango Sticky Rice. We'll definitely go back there soon! Just looking at these photos makes me want to dine there now! ;) Oh DH....

Basil Thai Restaurant
Katipunan Avenue corner White Plains Avenue, QC (across White Plains Subd sign)


Summer Fun!

colorful mix
Officially the summer has ended, but first allow me to share with you some of the things we've done with our little one this summer.
S's new hair style -- mohawk! ;)
S's summer look!
S's new faces -- pa-cute & blue steel! ;o
some of S's summer activities! :>
more quality time with dada & mum ;)
more time with family as well ;)
S started co-sleeping ....bzzzz.... ;)
A natural -- camera vain! lol ;>
he checks his photos after every shots.haha
Working hard :) 2 thumbs up!
S's helping daddy unloading some fabrics during the Thai Trade Fare
05-25, Dusit Thani Hotel 
S is self-feeding at 1.6 years old :)
S with Uncle Kendrick
04-08, Antonio's Tagaytay
This year's summer was truly extra special and a memorable one. I can't wait for the next summers to come :))