Things I love...

I love this photo!
hope i'll look as stunning as her in a few months later ;)
Photo courtesy of side by side
Here are some of the things I love and own, and others that I wish to own...

1 H&M x Marni Tribal Maxi Dress I like wearing one-piece clothing so I don't have to think much for my whole (top and bottom) ensemble. Plus more room for my growing belly. 2 Layers of Torquoise Necklace always bring a zhush* to a plain or basic outfits. 3 Zara Patent Leather Flats I'm a sucker for flats. Sleek-Stylish-Comfy and it's a steal! 4 OPI 'My Chihuahua Bites' Nail Polish (purchased it partly because of the name- reminds me of my kiwi) I got this since last year but currently it's one of my faves. A perfect reddish-orangey. I love using them on my pedi! 5 Butter London 'Teddy Girl' Nail Polish this was a gift from my dear friend, Lanee. (Thanks dear! ;)) I love the shade of this pink. Looks yummy on my mani. Makes me wanna eat them! ;) 6 Scramble with Friends app i'm addicted to this game lately. So is DH! Try it and see for yourself.  7 Celine Camel Tote back to basic. Always reliable on my daily use and ensemble. Roomy and easy to get things whenever i'm in a hurry.

zhush or joosh

zhush (ĵ as in the French je + “oosh”) is a word whose usage dates as far back as 1968 in Britain. Its spelling, much like its origin, is elusive. It has been defined by the American Dialect Society (who placed it on their 2003 Word of the Year List) as a verb to mean “primp or fluff up”. Today, it appears in the pop lingo of certain queer makeover shows to mean “making something striking or flamboyant”. Either way, OUTwrites’ début collection zhushes up the LGBTI community of Toronto through its chorus of eight distinct voices. 

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