1st birthday bash for YSO!

We started planning DS' first birthday party when he was just in his 4th month.
April 24, 2011
1st family getaway at Sofitel Hotel
DH and I thought it would be nice if we made it something different. Different in the sense that both children and adults would enjoy the party.

Since DS is fond of "Sophie the giraffe" at that time, we decided that the theme would be animal related -- SAFARI!

Let the party planning begin!

When it comes to details, I believe i'm the OC-est of all.

The venue...
Thanks to my youngest sister, who used to work there as their pastry chef, we were able to get good deals and great service from them.
Restaurant 101 at Enderun Colleges
The invite...
I like personalized and unique invites. My inspiration this time was the travel passport.
aren't these the cutest?!?
everything is all handmade by yours truly ;)
embossed invite cover for passport resemblance
love the idea that the covers used are recycled from our excess wedding invites :)
LOVE! gold owl sticker for the finishing touch
martha stewart's craft punch and gold sticker foil
The decor...
Atrium Entrance
Backdrop from Raissa Alger of Party Network
Amazing photos by Reality Box
Stage backdrop from Party Network
Pompoms and animal cutouts made by yours truly :)
36" latex balloons from Party Network
fresh fruits and banana leaf for the centerpiece
giant buko from buko lito
The cakes...
safari theme 2-tier red velvet cake by Party Cakes & Sugarcraft by Denize
red velvet cupcakes by my youngest sister, Maegan
cupcake toppers by yours truly :)
The safari attire...
Hard to find nice printed polo so we had it custom-made. I got mine from zara. 
The host...
Jiggles the Balloon Lady
The photobooth...
by Baicapture
Games and shows...
Even Gwakong & Cesar were having fun! They're trying to blow the balloon like the balloon lady ;P
Bird and Reptile Show by Dr. Bernardo
Booked them through Party Network
The balloon show was fascinating!
The food carts...
pika-pika table
banana-q fries, animal crackers, red velvet cupcakes, buko lito's fresh buko juice and fresh buko shake
clockwise: beard papa's fresh cream puffs, merry moo artisan ice cream & mang pedro's taho
The buffet...
looking at these photos makes me hungry!! ;o
photos by Reality Box
The prizes...
bought at 168 mall
amazing photos by Reality Box
The loot bag...
clockwise: personalized bag tag, custom-made doggie back pack, water tumbler, animal bath gel & pencil case set
I must admit - planning a party is not that easy, especially when you're someone who's very meticulous down to the finest details. But I had FUN doing it!

All of these won't be possible without the 101% support of my one and only client who approves all of these -- my DH. Thank you, B! ;-)

Suppliers contact details:

*Restaurant 101
Karen Dupalco : 0917-8626533

*Party Network
Raissa Alger : 0918-9123274

*Buko Lito
Raisa : qqcbi@yahoo.com

*Merry Moo
Kelvin Ngo : 0917-5289590

*Mang Pedro's Taho
Sharon : 0922-8875810

*Aether Printing (personalized bag tag)
346-0080 | 708-4421

*Photos by Reality Box
Jeri Ahana : 0917-8545374

*Baicapture Photobooth
Jak : 0917-8870055 | 822-4227

Powdered Goat's Milk

Nowadays there is a limited supply of fresh goat milk from Alamino's Milk Star Goat's Milk. Luckily, I've discovered Meyenberg powdered goat milk as an alternative.

Can be purchased at Healthy Options and Landmark Supermarket

I bought this when DS was eight months. The expiration date is quite long -- 8 years. But once opened it has to be consumed within eight weeks.

So far DS likes it. I don't think he will know the difference between fresh and powdered - for now. He likes taking his milk cold, so his yaya prepares it ahead of time then chill in the fridge. We try giving him fresh milk as much as possible, plus fresh is cheaper than powdered. I only give him this in case of "emergency".

So mommies out there, start stocking up powdered goat's milk cause this also runs out fast :(


Better Supplements

Ever since we started "living" a healthy lifestyle. Let me share with you some of the natural/homeopathic supplements that help us improve our immune system.

Immune System Booster
Ilog Maria Bee Propolis
We take this daily.
Great for coughs, colds, allergies, fever, asthma, influenza and rheumatism.

Adults: take one full dropper or 1 ml or 25 drops of Ilog Maria Bee Propolis mix with honey, juice, milk or water on an empty stomach before breakfast(we take this straight since we can tolerate the sourly taste).

Children above 1 year old: take one full dropper or 1 ml or 25 drops Ilog Maria Bee Propolis mix with honey, juice, milk or water on an empty stomach before breakfast.

Children below 1 year old: take one-fourth to one-half full dropper or 1/4 to 1/2 ml or 6 to 12 drops Ilog Maria Bee Propolis mix with honey, juice, milk or water on an empty stomach before breakfast. It will be prudent to start with a low dose; increase as the baby's body becomes accustomed to it.

You can download the full information here.

Scratchy throat? Fight the first sign of cough with
Ilog Maria Propolis Throat Spray
This throat spray prevents colds and coughs, even fever/flu.
I personally tried and it worked! Soothes sore throat. Excellent for "singaw" and freshens breath too.

Spray twice on tonsils at first sign of cough or cold.

DS' Daily Vitamins
Animal Parade Multivitamin
To stay healthy, his homeopathic pedia prescribed this multivitamin. It's more suitable for our little ones tiny physique. We got it from Healthy Options.

1 ml daily

Child Life Flaxseed Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids
After months of trial and error, this is by far the best supplement his pedia prescribed for DS' dry skin on arms and legs(eczema). Plus good for the heart and brain development.

He takes 5ml daily

Bio Bita Probiotic Granules
This helps boost his appetite, immune system and promotes good digestion too. We purchased it from the pedia's clinic.

1 scoop in his milk daily for 3 to 6 months

Soothing Balm
Vapor Soove Rub
This is really effective for stuffy noses and coughs. Since DS has very sensitive skin, we apply a small amount on a tissue paper (then fold it) and place it inside his shirt at the back side where he can't reach for it. I like this cause it doesn't contain Camphor. I am assured that my baby is safe. This is suitable for babies 6 months and above. Purchased it at Baby & Beyond along P.Guevarra, San Juan. Also available at Momtrepreneur in Shangri-La Plaza.


All Organics

Before having DS in our lives, eating healthy wasn't something I would prioritize at this age. Sure, once in a while I would do it when I feel I need to lose some weight.
For me, eating healthy means:

Now that the picture is much clearer and I'm not getting any younger. It's about time to do something about my health (healthy lifestyle). So that one day when my son is ready to settle down, I can still "walk" him down the aisle and play with my grandchildren. After 30+ years! Haha

Image c/o Bride.net
Four months after giving birth, DH, Edgar and I went to see a naturalist doctor; Dr. Nigel Chen. And boy! It was an awakening for us. After hearing all his words we got scared with these commercial products especially food around us. I can't believe it! After all these years. We've been putting junk in our bodies. No wonder a lot of people get sick at an early age. Since then we look at those products in a different way--scary that is. These companies want to get more money so all they do is short cut!

Ever since DS has been eating solids, we're giving him organic foods. We make his food from scratch. It's a big NO for short cuts! I don't believe in bottled "organic baby food" that sells in the grocery stores. As long as it is processed that means there are added preservatives even if the label says "no preservatives added". Don't believe it and take note of the expiration dates.

My little ones tiny physique :)
Here are the basic things we've learned or should I say reminded by Dr. Nigel:

1.  Sleep early (11pm latest). Sleep at least 7 hours straight.
2.  Drink at least 12 glasses of water daily. 10 glasses are applicable for kids only.
3.  Less sugar. Coco sugar is the best alternative. Brown sugar is better than the white one.
4.  Eat more veggies. Preferably organic ones.
*cleaning tip: 1:10 baking soda or vinegar and water
5.  Less rice. Choose your rice -- organic pink/brown/red or japanese rice
6.  Less meat. If you will eat meat --

  • lamb is the best among all
  • chicken is better than beef (buy free range) 
  • beef is better than pork

7.  No MSG Please!
8.  Take Vitamin C daily.
9.  Exercise! -- Ehem! I should start doing this soon ;P


After doing the program for almost five months, I lost 20 pounds. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Woot woot!

I know how difficult it is to follow all these healthy eating. But we're only humans, we have a cheat day weekly! LOL

Here are the list where we buy our organic stuff:

  • Legaspi Sunday Market
  • Centris Sunday Market - Isabella Farm
  • S&R Supermarket (free range chicken)
  • Healthy Options
  • Rustan's Supermarket
  • Health Buff in E. Rodriguez QC
  • Sugarleaf in Wilson Street Greenhills
  • DownToEarth in Mercato at Fort

Toiletries & Home Cleaners

  • Healthy Options
  • Legaspi Sunday Market
  • The Eco Baby Boutique
  • Sesou Nature Source Shop in Trinoma


Eat Right For Your "Blood" Type

By Dr. Peter D'Adamo
photo c/o kitchenblogic
Bought it in Fully Booked Greenbelt 5
Since my son is taking my milk, he has been experiencing allergic reaction with the food I'm taking. So his holistic pediatrician recommended me to read and take only the food that would suit his and my blood type - "A".

Glad this book exist! Now we know which food and exercise would strongly beneficial to us.  

There's also for baby too...
photo c/o little ilhan and us

For babies who are starting to eat solids, this is a great book to check on.
Since DS is a blood type A, let me share with you the list of foods:


My myHome Feature

September 2011
I'm sooo thrilled when my co-Fab5, Vida texted me that she saw my work featured at myHome magazine last week. I grabbed a copy right away.

But before I show you the featured photos, let me show you first the before photos of the house.

Main Entrance
Living Area
Dining Area
Master T&B
Now, here's the finished product of hardwork :)

These accent pieces are from Maison 68.
Part of the new collection
clockwise: Imperial Tall Vase, Bronze Lotus Leaf, Silver Porcupine Ceramic Vase
This is from my camera. Took it earlier before the shoot.
Top View
The Lanai at night...
Sayang the water feature is off
Underneath the wooden cover on the floor is the jacuzzi :)
I'm really happy with the outcome :) Thanks to Sir Jie for the great feature :) Mwah!