My myHome Feature

September 2011
I'm sooo thrilled when my co-Fab5, Vida texted me that she saw my work featured at myHome magazine last week. I grabbed a copy right away.

But before I show you the featured photos, let me show you first the before photos of the house.

Main Entrance
Living Area
Dining Area
Master T&B
Now, here's the finished product of hardwork :)

These accent pieces are from Maison 68.
Part of the new collection
clockwise: Imperial Tall Vase, Bronze Lotus Leaf, Silver Porcupine Ceramic Vase
This is from my camera. Took it earlier before the shoot.
Top View
The Lanai at night...
Sayang the water feature is off
Underneath the wooden cover on the floor is the jacuzzi :)
I'm really happy with the outcome :) Thanks to Sir Jie for the great feature :) Mwah!


  1. Hi Achi Mayee!

    Awesome job! :) In the future, when I'll be getting a house of my own, or maybe our studio, we'll ask for your help. :) Haha! More features to come!


  2. where did you get the silver table lamp? it's so lovely. :)

  3. Thanks jeri! Of course ;)

    The silver lamp is from Kartell. Available in Dexterton