Eat Right For Your "Blood" Type

By Dr. Peter D'Adamo
photo c/o kitchenblogic
Bought it in Fully Booked Greenbelt 5
Since my son is taking my milk, he has been experiencing allergic reaction with the food I'm taking. So his holistic pediatrician recommended me to read and take only the food that would suit his and my blood type - "A".

Glad this book exist! Now we know which food and exercise would strongly beneficial to us.  

There's also for baby too...
photo c/o little ilhan and us

For babies who are starting to eat solids, this is a great book to check on.
Since DS is a blood type A, let me share with you the list of foods:


  1. hi Marie! Thanks for sharing this chart! This is very timely coz I've been hearing about this diet, and I've been wondering what foods are best for Lucas. He blood is also Type A. Is there a difference in foods between A and A+ or is it the same?