My Baby Essentials

My Top 22 Checklist
(tried and tested through 9 months)  

1.  Graco Pack 'n Play
Silhouette Playard - Rittenhouse
Purchased it here.
This playpen is so 'sulit' for us! Since we are limited to space. We opted to get this. We're so happy that this playpen is so versatile. Plus it matches our closet's damask wallpaper ;) teehee
DS is 15 days old here :)
Very sturdy, I feel confident putting DS on the changing station that he won't fall. The bassinet was sturdy enough to hold DS until he is almost 7 months. We removed the bassinet when he learned to stand. I love the features: a place for diapers, wipes (use it for tissue), 2 accessory holders for moist-cotton-balls container and camera (or any), soothing music and night light. Very convenient for midnight diaper changes! Easy to clean as well.

We even brought it during our first family holy weekend getaway at Sofitel Hotel.
DS feels like he never left home ;)
2.  Medela Free-Style Pump
I like this very much since it's very light and compact than other styles/brands. It's so easy to use and clean. I like it a lot too cause you have option to hold it or hands-free, by simply attaching the straps so I can do other things -- multi-tasking while pumping at the same time. Lovely!
Image and purchased mine from Breast Pump Deals
Amazon has great deal too the last time I checked.
In case of emergency, Avent Isis Manual Pump to the rescue. I actually tried it and it's easy to use. But so far my Medela pump hasn't failed me yet :)
Given by Je's shobe. Thanks Cherry!
3.  Nursing Cover
Lilymoms Nursing cover
There's me at the back ;p
Family getaway at Sofitel
Purchased it at Rustan's
I use this to cover when I'm pumping in the car, home (if there are guests) or anywhere I am. Love Lilymoms nursing cover cause it covers my sides and back as well. I'm 100% covered -- NO peekaboos! LOL. I can walk around while pumping :)
I also like using Nursingmom nursing cover cause it has an integral wire on top opening so it's easy to see while pumping, especially in the car. But this covers my front and sides only. Nevertheless, great for direct/breastfeeding :)
Nursingmom Nursing Cover
Image c/o My Virtual Closet
Purchased it at Numa. Rustan's carries it too.
4.  Storage Bags
Lansinoh. Usually I buy it at Amazon and Zebebe in Manila.
Our hotel fridge content during our trip to HK last Feb.
I used Lansinoh BM Storage Bags.
0% leakage and 0% breakage! Woohoo!

I use Nanny BM Storage Bag at home. Less expensive than Lansinoh :)
0% leakage & breakage
I purchase at Baby Co. in Rockwell
5.  Teats (wide base) and Feeding Bottles
Easy dolly! No need to transfer to another bottle after pumping and no more waste of milk :)  
I purchased Medela teats and bottles at Amazon.

Medela Calma - like magic! Really a calmer :)
Purchased it at Medela House in New Manila.
See ;)
6.  Baby Cleaners - Cycles, Cradle & Victoria
Cycles - the Best!
I usually purchase it at S&R, Rustan's and Medela House
Cradle Bottle & Teat Cleanser. 
I like to use this to clean DS' toys instead of soap cause i'm sure it doesn't leave soap residue & no harmful chemicals.
I purchase at Rustan's, Baby section in Landmark Department Store Trinoma and Medela House 
Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner. I use this to clean my son's playpen and toys.
I purchase at Rustan's and Rustan's Supermarket Rockwell.
We wash all our clothes and sheets with Victoria since DS has super sensitive skin. It has nice fresh scent and best of all -- earth friendly :)
We purchase it at Rustan's Supermarket or Sesou Shop in Trinoma
7.  Baby Monitor
Philips Analogue Monitor SCD463/10 220v
She got it in Rustan's.
Sony 900MHz Baby Monitor Dual Receiver 110v. Bought it from Amazon.
This is a definite must-have. We can do other things as long as this is ON!
The Philips baby monitor were borrowed from our friend, Candy. It's a great and easy to use baby monitor. Since Candy just gave birth to her second baby, we had to purchase for our own. Based on our experience, we prefer the Philips more than the Sony. Less hassle to divert to 220v. Nevertheless, we got it cheap from Amazon. Take note of all the electronic stuff you buy outside the country especially in the States.

8.  Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid - for face and neck
Thanks Mitch for introducing Mustela to us :)
You'll surely love this too! ;p
Purchased from Sogo HK. Now available at Rustan's and Trinoma
Goodbye rashes & eczema and Hello to fab skin. Plus I love the fresh baby scent :)
I swear this no-rinse cleansing fluid works wonders! Love it!!

9.  Light-weight Baby Stroller
Maclaren Stroller Sport Quest. Purchased from Baby Dealz.
Easy to clean and use. Love the color combinations too!

10.  Basic Layettes
Dwell Studio is available at Rustan's and Quirks Phil.

So paranoid! Prevent the risk of SID. Thanks to the innovators! 
Purchased it from Baby Co. Rockwell and Zebebe
All bibs from Mothercare
Thanks Riatot for sharing the teether bib! Sulit!
Baby Jane's Booties handmade by yours truly ;)
Every pair I make is a work of art for me ;)
Was inspired by my mom's creations so I decided to learn how to knit...
Made of pure cotton for no more sweaty little feet ;)
Baby Legs Legwarmer. Easy for changing diaper during day time :) 
Purchased from Sogo HK and Indigo Baby
11.  Cloth & Disposable Diapers
DS wears cloth diaper during day time...
Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper & Biodegradable Liner
Saves money and saves DS' skin from rashes :) Ordered our stash from The Eco Baby Boutique and Numa Store.
Purchased it from The Eco Baby Boutique.
Before using the prefolds, boil it for 10-15 minutes for all the natural oils will be removed. It will be soft to the touch after several washing :)

I swear this really works for longer sleep during night time...
MamyPoko Disposable Diaper
Available in Baby Co., Rustan's Supermarket and Puregold Supermarket
12.  Earth Mama Angel Baby - Bottom Balm

for my little cute bum - prevent & bye bye rashes :) love the minty smell too! Purchased at Numa Store.
Available also at The Eco Baby Boutique.
13.  Indigo First Aid Gel
A Jar of Hope! This really works wonders for skin rashes even for adults too :) 
Photo c/o Wifely Steps.
I purchase at Sesou Shop in Trinoma and Indigo Baby.
14.  Pigeon Nasal Aspirator
So easy to use and clean :)
Available in Baby Co. and baby section of Landmark Dept. Store
 15.  Muji Cotton Swabs -  I'm really glad we have Muji in Manila!
Thin (thinnest) Cotton Swabs for my little one's tiny nose :) 
Less expensive than Ainon ;p
16.  By Nature Handmade Soap - Olive Beauty
This soap is all natural ingredients so it's easy to melt. I divide it into 3 parts. For DS, the whole bar will last for 3 months. While DH and I it will last for 1.5 to 2 months. Not bad :)
Tried other bars but this one is by far the best for my baby's sensitive skin :) 
Great for adults too! We love the Golden Honey Oats and Very Oatmeal :)
So glad I discovered it!
I purchase at The Eco Baby Boutique.
17.  A First Years Close and Secure Sleeper
We are assured that our baby is safe :)
Purchased at Baby Co. Rockwell
18.  Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
Image c/o Pupsik Studio. Purchased from Amazon.
DS loves Sophie! teehee ;)
19.  Totseat Portable High Chair

Purchased it at Mothercare
I like this so much cause DS can eat with us together. He feels like a grown-up ;p Also, is it just me or what?! I see and feel that almost all high chairs in the restaurants are untidy no matter how you clean it. Well better to be sure than sorry later. Compact and light so it's a breeze to bring it anywhere. Glad we have it :)

20.  Graco High Chair - Contempo in Grazia Red

It is quite heavy but the sturdy structure assures us that DS will not topple off 
when he's 'malikot' ;p
A great gift from DH's supplier :) Thank you!

21.  Bumbo Training Chair
Great for my little one's fragile back ;) Purchased from Amazon.
22.  Fresh Goat's Milk
I started mixing/alternating breastmilk and goat's milk when DS is about 8.5 months...  
DS likes it and so are we ;)
We discovered that DS is allergic to cow's milk. This saved us! We found out from the supplier that there are several shops in Quezon City area that carries this (so glad we don't have to drive all the way to Laguna). Usually, this will last for 7 days from the time of delivery. Milk must be stored at 4-6°C. So make sure to bring cooler with you when you purchase it. When DS can not finish it, we return immediately in the fridge. Can only be exposed at room temperature within 30 minutes.

* Health Buff at E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue
2nd floor of the building (where BDO is) across Burger King (beside St. Lukes Hospital)
Every Tuesday delivery. Call them first to order
* Landmark Supermarket at Trinoma
Every Friday delivery
* Unimart Supermarket in Greenhills
Every Tuesday and Friday delivery
*Direct Seller in Timog
Alamino's Goat Farm (inquiry for other areas)
Art Almeda
0917.5001982 and 0917.5004294

**NOTE: The items and sites listed above are not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with in anyway to me. 


  1. Santino and Lucas use a lot of the same stuff :) my absolute favorites from all the ones you've mentioned are the sleeper and the MUSTELA!! I hoarded, hoarded, hoarded the lotion and physiogel when we went to the states! They smell soooo good :)

  2. hi marie - where is the eco baby boutique? i want to try those hand made soaps! have to get one of those lilymom covers too. i use babybuds (the local ones) on K - and they are small too! cheaper than muji... you should try that out.
    the baby monitor will be reserved for your baby #2 ;) hehe

  3. hi cands,

    here's the TEBB site http://www.theecobabyboutique.com/
    you can also email her at theecobabyboutique@gmail.com or YM her with this username - theecobabyboutique :)
    will try those babybuds. thanks! :)