Booties On The Way

After hours of sewing, finally here are the oh-so adorable baby booties. I had fun making them :)
I can't wait these little ones will be worn by Lucas and his cousins. Teehee... I'm so pleased with the outcome. I want to make more for DS.
clockwise: easy checkered booties; preppy booties; pink blossom booties; blue denim booties
Actually, I can't help myself and made one for him. Haha
main fabric in brown tweed and trimming in dark chambray

Audrey shared that there are two things she loves about these booties:

1.  Since Lucas is back in the stage where he loves to put his feet in his mouth! With these booties, she doesn't have to worry that he is eating rubber :)
2.  Lucas is also at the stage where he likes to remove his socks and shoes! The booties' comfy, but secure, garter band assures her that they won't come off so easily (and get lost!) even if he wrestles with them :)
More booties to come...


  1. oh sooo cute!! :) can't wait to receive them! Thanks, Marie!

  2. hi, Marie! i saw the booties just now. all of them are so very cute!! :) i love the easy checkered ones, too...it will be difficult to give them away instead of keeping them for Luccas, but i will try my best! haha! Thanks again! :)

  3. haha! thanks so much audrey =) they're very addicting noh?lol