Mouthwatering SBC Ice Cream

Last Sunday, we had a good family brunch at Borough Restaurant, as always. While walking around the Podium Mall, DH is still craving for sweets (cheat day!). He saw an ice cream stand called Sebastian's, he approached and read the sign "the premium ice cream". Out of curiosity, he asked the sales lady why is it premium? The sales lady gave him a blank face. Out of frustration, he asked for their best selling flavor instead. She said "Salted Butter Caramel, Sir" and he ordered it. This is what we all can say--- indeed the yummiest, tastiest, creamiest and the best freaking ice cream anywhere, period!

We ordered another cup to fill our satisfaction. Had to take this photo on our way down before I empty the cup. Haha
our 2nd cup

We are still gushing about it down to this date. Until our next cup of Sebastian's SBC! Hayy...


  1. Hi Mayee.. Tried salted butter caramel ice cream in Singapore somewhere along Clarke Quay. Indeed the best flavored ice cream. Nothing else came close since then. Will surely try Sebastian's. Yay! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hmm... Interesting... Now eager to try that one...