Welcome to My World


A brief introduction about myself and how I became me...

I was born premature barely 7 months old and weighing 2 pounds only. Like a size of a cat that can fit a bare hand. Who knew I grew up to be the tallest among my siblings and completely different. Since I was little, my parents especially my mom always complained that I have an eye for expensive stuff. I always choose the pricey ones (without knowing the price) even if we're at the flea market during one of our trips in Hong Kong. Since then my parents knew that I am the "cursed" child.
I first encountered the word FASHION during my primary school year 18 years back. The first time I saw Kate Moss on the CK ad automatically I fell in love with it and that's when my fashion love affair started.

I was poring over from cover to cover of British Vogue magazines instead of doing my home works. I would spend most of my allowance monthly just to buy a copy. I remember I made use the page of an ad as my books and notebooks cover. My good friend, Jerrilyn and I occasionally exchanged letters with our DIY stationery--we glued the backside of our favorite ad with bond paper. I named after our pet pomeranian, Gucci, for the love of the brand.

Growing up in a no-nonsense and frugal home has taught me to be creative to reach my goals. I remember asking my grandfather to accompany me to Divisoria to buy different kinds of beads to make bracelets and sell them to my fellow schoolmates, which I profited quite a good amount that resulted to more magazine purchases. Then I realized when I'm creating something on my own; I get butterflies in my stomach when I see people's positive reaction. So that motivates me to keep on doing what I know I am good at it. My parents saw the potential. That's when my mom told me that one day I should get a design related course in college.

A freelance interior designer, designer of a self-titled fashion clothing line {marie jane}, entrepreneur, a best friend's wife, and just recently became mommy to our dear beloved son, Yves Santino.

I believe that fashion is an addiction but as MFO's explains, being a fashionista is not simply interested in clothes and trendy must-haves; she knows herself and wears clothes to express her history and individuality. Her passion extends to art, culture, and social issues and disproves the impression that her kind has cashmere for brains. A fashionista derives satisfaction in looking and feeling good, but knows that what matters most of all is who she is beyond the stylish clothes.


  1. congratulations marie! i've always wanted to have my own blog. i'm inggit :) enjoy and keep writing! will look forward to your blogs ;)

  2. great post Marie! Keep it up. I'll be following you. ;)