Modern Friendship Bracelets

Photo c/o Honestly WTF
Photo c/o Honestly WTF
I remember during my primary school days, I obsessed in making friendship bracelets with embroidery threads, ribbons, beads and other such adornments. Lately, all sorts of inspiring DIY bracelet posts have cropped up around the web.

So today I have rounded up several wonderful bracelet crafts. Here are some of the designs that I wanted to share with you all. Happy crafting :)
Cartier Inspired Charity Bracelet of P.S.-I Made This...
Knit Jersey Bracelet of V and Co.
Friendship Bracelet of Honestly WTF
Friendship Bracelet of Purl Bee (Illustration by Caitlin McGauley)

Braided Hex Nut Bracelet of Honestly WTF
Wrap Bracelet of Honestly WTF
Marni Inspired Friendship Bracelet of P.S.-I Made This...
Rope Bracelet of Honestly WTF
Woven Chain Bracelet of Honestly WTF

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