Powdered Goat's Milk

Nowadays there is a limited supply of fresh goat milk from Alamino's Milk Star Goat's Milk. Luckily, I've discovered Meyenberg powdered goat milk as an alternative.

Can be purchased at Healthy Options and Landmark Supermarket

I bought this when DS was eight months. The expiration date is quite long -- 8 years. But once opened it has to be consumed within eight weeks.

So far DS likes it. I don't think he will know the difference between fresh and powdered - for now. He likes taking his milk cold, so his yaya prepares it ahead of time then chill in the fridge. We try giving him fresh milk as much as possible, plus fresh is cheaper than powdered. I only give him this in case of "emergency".

So mommies out there, start stocking up powdered goat's milk cause this also runs out fast :(

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