Baby Jane's 1st bazaar!

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S has been attending Kindermusik classes with Teacher Jeannie since he was five and a half (5-1/2) months old.
he loves being there :) it's his big playground!
ever since S has been wearing baby jane's shoes :)
This year in celebration of their 10th year, they've organized a music festival for their beloved students. Since Teacher J and Teacher M knew about my small business/hobby, I was privileged enough to join and set-up a booth for my handmade booties ;)

Okay! After giving my confirmation, first I need stocks. Second, I need models for the shoes for the printed backdrop. And third, the look or design of the booth. Luckily, I had a month (enough) to accomplish everything. Whew!

My accomplishments...
1.  Stocks -- check!
some of the cute booties :)
2.  Models -- check!
top-bottom: Matty, Sachi and Santi (of course!)
3. Booth -- check!
Baby Jane's booth
the iplay swim pants are consignment from the eco baby boutique
display fabric letters and triangular fabric garland are made by yours truly :)
The backdrop...
Love it!!!
the venue was jam-packed! it was a successful event :)
S had a great time :)
top photo was just 1/3 of the event hall
Behind the scenes...
dashing matty was well-behaved :) after almost an hour and a half of photo taking, he was knocked down already. hehe
Thanks so much, Celine! :) 
strike a pose! adorable!!
merienda time in between the shoot ;p
Thanks so much, Cands and Dom!
S was well-behaved for 5 minutes but after that this keeps happening (right photo) he just can't sit still :/
good thing Jeri was able to get nice shots pa ;p
Overall it was a great experience I must say! Worth all the hard work.
'Til my next bazaar :)

Photo shoots' photos are taken by my cousin, Jeri.
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