My myHome Feature : Collector's Edition

I was quite excited about this project. I've been dreaming that one day I'll have the opportunity to design a retro modern residential. Fortunately one of our good friends, Jeremy, referred me to her best friend to design her pad ;)

I'm proud to present to you my myhome feature. But this time it's in their Collector's Edition. LOVE!
Elegant cover! Love the contrast of black and neon pink :)
But first let me walk you through the initial look of the place...

Here's the finished product. Indeed a "labor of love"!

Thanks so much Sir Jie for this fantabulous feature! I'm really happy with the outcome :) Keep up the good work!

Here are some of the photos taken from my personal camera before the shoot.
small yet functional kitchen :)
Hard work does really paid-off!
I would also like to thank Maison 68 for lending us the fab accessories for the shoot ;)

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